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Divine Harmony Spiritual Church Coffee Mugs!

Enjoy a Little Divine Harmony with your morning beverage! This is a white mug with the front facade of our church with the logo "The Spirit is Willing, but the flesh is weak."


Divine Harmony Logo Coffee Mugs!

This is a black mug with the Church Masthead, shown below, wrapped around it.


Black Hawk Power Bag!

The Black Hawk Power Bag contains the Four Medicines (Cedar, Natural Tobacco, Sweet grass, and Sage), and three talismans that are American coins bearing Native American images which have been smudged, prayed over, and fixed with condition oils. Included is a bottle of Black Hawk Power Oil which is used to anoint and "feed" the bag.


Corn Doll Poppet Kit!

Everything you need to make & work your own corn doll poppet! This kit includes six corn husks, a length of jute (twine), two hand-crafted pins, two bottles of dressing oil (one for blessing, one for jinxing), and printed instructions! Click here for more information!



Crystal Magic Book

CM Book Cover

A practical introduction to the use of crystals and stones in the Four Branches of Crystallomancy: Divination or scrying with a crystal ball or gemstone; Projection of prayers and spells with Silent Influence; Reception of blessings from the Divine and from friends; and Transformative healing and lasting self-empowerment. This book teaches you the legendary inner meanings of a brilliant array of mystic minerals and provides you with the time-tested techniques and powerful spiritual spells that will help you to become an adept practitioner of Crystal Esoterica. Comes with a bag of Healing Stones blessed by Reverend Saint Germain!


Lithomancy Book

LM Book cover

For centuries, stones and crystals have been valued for their pretty colours and inherent magical qualities, and certain gifted individuals have employed them for divination. But unlocking the secrets of Lithomancy has been difficult and obscure, often requiring years of research and frustrating trial and error. In this book, Jon Saint Germain, The Voice of the Crystal Silence League, guides you through every aspect of fortune telling with stones and coins.Comes with a bag of Divination Stones blessed by Reverend Saint Germain!


I Ching: An Interpretation

I Ching Cover

A practical and fast method for incorporating the ancient I Ching Oracle into spiritual or psychological counseling sessions. Several very fast methods for constructing a Hexagram are discussed. Each Hexagram has one page of discussion and one page of Changing lines for fast and efficient interpretation. Comes with a bag of six replica Chinese Divination Coins!



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