PLEASE NOTE: I will only perform a Mirror Box ritual for a justified case - Contact Me for Details

The Mirror Box is designed to work in conjuction with a Doll-baby to reverse an enemy who's jinxing you. It can also be used to punish a wrong-doer in a particularly gruesome manner. Essentially, it turns their own evil words, deeds and thoughts right back against them.

In brief, a Doll-baby is made to represent the intended target, hog-tied, and is imprisoned within the Mirror Box, usually upon a painful bed of thorns and hot peppers. The box is completely lined with mirrors, so the person must lie there for eternity, facing his or her evil actions, with every sin and crime reflected back upon them.

There's more to the ritual but I won't go into it here. The Mirror Box holds the person prisoner, buried alive, in his/her own self-created Hell.

Again, I will only perform a Mirror Box ritual for a justified case. I won't do this for a person who merely made you angry or passed you up for a job promotion--this has to be a truly evil and hurtful person who deserves such awful retribution. If you believe your situation qualifies, contact me to discuss setting up a Mirror Box ritual.